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Here’s a man-bites-dog story for you:  on Tuesday in Springfield, capital of our fair state, over 5,000 people rallied in support of a tax increase.  There’s good reason for this. The state income tax is flat (i.e., regressive) and one of the lowest in the country, at only three percent… and has been kept that way Continue reading →

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First things first:  after what we’ve suffered through in recent years, merely being able to say “Governor Pat Quinn” is almost as delightful as being able to say “President Barack Obama.” 😎  After a mere seven weeks in office, Illinois’ new governor has a budget proposal ready, and he gave a formal address in Springfield Continue reading →

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Just going from the press coverage, of course. I haven’t read the actual FY 2010 federal budget the administration presented to Congress. (Have you ever tried to read a federal budget? Even in outline form, they’re large. And arcane. The legislators themselves don’t usually bother. They have staff lobbyists for that sort of thing…) Anyway, Continue reading →

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