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As the health care reform debate enters what appears to be the home stretch (albeit not for the first time), what Washington is offering us (the citizenry) boils down to a choice between bad and worse. The legislation now under consideration, both the Senate bill and the slight variation on same presented as “Obama’s bill,” Continue reading →

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So, where did I leave off? …That’s right, there was a speech Wednesday night. A pretty significant one, in fact, for reasons I described at some length. What of it, then? I can’t deny that it was a very, very good speech. Rhetorically powerful. And yet, what it says about the direction of health care Continue reading →

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Finally. After six months of tedious delay, Al Franken will be sworn in to the U.S. Senate seat once held by Paul Wellstone. The fact that he beat incumbent Norm Coleman (albeit by the slenderest of margins, roughly 0.01%) was confirmed unanimously by the Minnesota Supreme Court, Coleman finally conceded the inevitable, and Gov. Tim Continue reading →

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Where did we leave off?  I was writing about the difficulty of finding something meaningful to say in the wake of all the full-time, professional political bloggers out there. Too often I feel like I’m just offering a synthesis of what others have said, rather than any new insight. Perhaps I’m holding myself to an Continue reading →

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I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but sometimes an item is worth sharing whether I have much to add or not. So… Quoted for truth: From Nate Silver at User B.R. writes in: “…everyone (media and blogs alike) are treating the filibuster as a far more commonplace occurrence than it should be. Continue reading →

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As the Obama administration and the new Congress set about choosing priorities and strategies for policymaking, an important consideration will be the political attitudes of the electorate. That, however, is often as much a matter of perception as reality. It therefore comes as no surprise that even before Election Day (and with increased fervency once Continue reading →

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Sorry about the last few days without new posts. Been preoccupied. Stuff happens. Anyway… With a lame-duck Congress in session (and busily accomplishing little other than upsetting Wall Street at the moment), it’s an opportune time to look ahead to the new 111th Congress we’ll have as of January 6th.

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