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Why? Why does a presidential administration that came into office on the diligent labor and fervent hopes of progressives continue to send progressives the message that it doesn’t need them, indeed that it doesn’t even care what they think, that their principles and passions are nothing more than chips to be bargained away as evidence Continue reading →

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As the health care reform debate enters what appears to be the home stretch (albeit not for the first time), what Washington is offering us (the citizenry) boils down to a choice between bad and worse. The legislation now under consideration, both the Senate bill and the slight variation on same presented as “Obama’s bill,” Continue reading →

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So, where did I leave off? …That’s right, there was a speech Wednesday night. A pretty significant one, in fact, for reasons I described at some length. What of it, then? I can’t deny that it was a very, very good speech. Rhetorically powerful. And yet, what it says about the direction of health care Continue reading →

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August is a strange season in politics. In the final weeks of summer last year, we had the incredible (and incredibly short-lived) public buzz surrounding Sarah Palin, before people realized she just used those glasses for looks, not reading. This year’s dog days brought us hordes of astroturf Teabagger Republicans demonstrating that they think public Continue reading →

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One could go on at literally exhaustive length about the ins and outs of the current “health care debate” in Washington, but I’ll try to avoid that. The media and the blogosphere have provided a constant play-by-play in terms of both substantive policy and, even more, political strategy. (Jonathan Chait at TNR has been particularly Continue reading →

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The question of who will fill Obama’s Senate seat has gotten the lion’s share of media coverage, but meanwhile things are heating up around another question, the one of who will replace Obama’s Chief of Staff—Rahm Emanuel—in the seat from Illinois’ fifth Congressional district, here in Chicago. I went to a meeting tonight of the Continue reading →

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We all knew Gov. Rod Blagojevich was under a federal investigation, but nobody expected developments as dramatic as what happened today. FBI agents arrested Democratic Gov. Blagojevich at his home this morning, at the direction of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald—the same man who brought down his predecessor, Republican Gov. George Ryan. (Chicago is famous for Continue reading →

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Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Seldom in political life has two-and-a-half months seemed quite so long a wait. People voted for Obama because they want change, and the daily news just makes them want it all the sooner. (Just today:  GM stock hits its lowest value in 60 years, DHL ceases North American operations and Continue reading →

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