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Even as Dick Armey’s dick army continues to do the disruptive dirty work of its corporate-funded organizers (an onion Rachel Maddow has ably peeled for public view), even as its footsoldiers continue to spout fear-drenched talk-radio-esque bullshit about euthanasia, baby killing, and the evil plans of that Fascist Socialist Muslim Negro in the White House Continue reading →

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In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Obama’s address tonight may well have been the first presidential speech I’ve ever seen that genuinely lived up to the full meaning of the word “presidential.” The first time in my life we’ve had real, effective leadership in Washington. So this is what it looks Continue reading →

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If anyone wonders how (A) a nation can move step-by-step down the path toward fascism, or (B) why the mainstream press in this country is held in such increasingly dismal regard, this week’s cover story in Newsweek provides a searing case study. Co-authors Stuart Taylor Jr. and Evan Thomas—both award-winning, Ivy League-educated journalists who move Continue reading →

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How could I resist passing this along? 😀 Matt Yglesias: It seems that Barack Obama, like Rachel Maddow and all decent progressives, is a comic book fan. Excellent news for America. That’s based on the very first item (among many other interesting ones) in the Telegraph piece he links, reporting: • He collects Spider-Man and Continue reading →

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