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And no one told me when to run… that’s for damn sure. New Year’s came and went without me writing a blog post. I was preoccupied with other things at the time, as detailed to some extent in my last couple of entries bookending my computer headaches. But I did make some observations that I Continue reading →

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Wednesday was Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. Everyone else has been talking about it. Why not me? A hundred days is a pretty arbitrary number, of course. But ever since FDR used it as a marker in 1933 for taking quick action against the Depression, it’s been a convenient hook on which to hang Continue reading →

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At the moment this post goes live… We’re finally done with him! Bush is out of here! The sunovabitch is gone, done, finished, he’s through, he’s hitting the road, he will darken our horizons no more. Good riddance. And if no other punishment is forthcoming for what he’s done to this country… may he be Continue reading →


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If anyone wonders how (A) a nation can move step-by-step down the path toward fascism, or (B) why the mainstream press in this country is held in such increasingly dismal regard, this week’s cover story in Newsweek provides a searing case study. Co-authors Stuart Taylor Jr. and Evan Thomas—both award-winning, Ivy League-educated journalists who move Continue reading →

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In crisis lies creative potential. If there’s any silver lining in the cascade of crises facing the country (and the world) right now, it’s in how they lay the groundwork (pardon the mixed metaphor) for the incoming Obama administration to pursue policy solutions that would otherwise have been impossible. There are good, serious ideas out Continue reading →

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As my last couple of posts should demonstrate, I can’t write about all politics all the time. I wouldn’t want to. But this is a political season, and there’s no doubt that the topic is on the front burner. We can all understand the reasons why. We are seven days away from a momentous change Continue reading →

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Regarding Oliver Stone’s much-publicized new film, one would be hard-pressed to improve on Chicago Reader critic J.R. Jones‘s succinct take:  W. “follows George W. Bush (Josh Brolin) from his youth as a spoiled, oblivious fuckup to his maturity as a spoiled, oblivious fuckup.” So in case anyone was hoping (or fearing) this film would offer Continue reading →

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Interesting news today: US prepared to accept reconciliation with Taliban The United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Bush administration would be prepared to reconcile with the Taliban if the Afghan government pursued talks to end the war. However, he says there’s no chance of any negotiations with Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda organisation. Continue reading →

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So, what did John McCain accomplish with his grand gesture, as he swept into Washington Thursday to “help” his colleagues in Congress work out a deal on how to approach the economic crisis? Well, he went to the high-profile meeting he’d insisted that Bush call, at which… …he sat silently for more than 40 minutes, Continue reading →

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So the word is that Bush is planning a prime-time address to the nation tonight about the financial crisis. Better late than never in terms of talking to the public, I suppose, but I think it goes without saying that whatever he has to offer might just as well go without saying. His credibility these Continue reading →

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