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Just a quickie here. I had to share DougJ’s wonderfully pithy comparison/contrast at Balloon Juice between last week’s news (the Henry Louis Gates incident) and this week’s news (the angry teabaggers): When someone talks back to a cop in his own house, that’s disorderly conduct. When people make death threats and start fights in public, that’s exercising Continue reading →

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If anyone wonders how (A) a nation can move step-by-step down the path toward fascism, or (B) why the mainstream press in this country is held in such increasingly dismal regard, this week’s cover story in Newsweek provides a searing case study. Co-authors Stuart Taylor Jr. and Evan Thomas—both award-winning, Ivy League-educated journalists who move Continue reading →

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I just saw The Dark Knight for a second time yesterday, at a discount matinee. I’d seen it before on the night it opened, but I enjoyed the chance for a repeat viewing from a vantage point better than fourth-row lower-left, and with an audience noise level that didn’t drown out the dialogue. Then today, Continue reading →

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