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What. The fuck. Was that? Seriously. Final Crisis #7 was every bit as crashingly disappointing as I feared it would be, and more so. Grant Morrison’s reach clearly far, far exceeded his grasp. It certainly did exemplify a writing style he earlier described (warned? threatened?) as “channel-zapping,” though, and gods willing no one will ever Continue reading →

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My single overwhelming impression of this issue: Wow, that was crap. Again. I kind of enjoyed issue #5, enough to be hoping for an upward trend as this story neared the home stretch. Apparently that was too much to hope for, though. (Which perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise, given the book’s multifarious agenda to be Continue reading →

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The first six pages of Final Crisis #5 were the highlight of the series so far for me. They take us to Oa, following up on the status of Green Lantern Hal Jordan (not seen since issue #3 back in August). Unlike the brief, hit-and-run scenes that have characterized so much of this series to Continue reading →

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After a two-month gap (partially planned, but also including an extra three-week delay), DC released issue #4 of Final Crisis this week. And… I can’t really say that it was worth the wait. Here’s what happens in this issue:  with Earth infected by the Anti-Life Equation, the heroes try to rally their forces against those Continue reading →

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