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President Obama has the useful political skill of being a chameleon of sorts, looking different depending on context and, especially, the eye of the beholder. By and large this has worked for him; he and his programs are more popular now than when he was elected. All the same, there’s been a great deal of Continue reading →

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For those of us who are less than thrilled by the prospect that Hillary Clinton might get the nod as Obama’s Secretary of State (IMHO she represents the compromised politics of the ’90s… and the endorsement by Henry Kissinger certainly didn’t make her any more appealing), it appears that there might be more obstacles to Continue reading →

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So, who will Barack Obama appoint to the cabinet and other key positions in his incoming administration? To stipulate something up front: nobody really knows. When Obama and his transition team are ready to make announcements, they’ll announce them. All we can do at this point is speculate. So, let’s speculate!

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