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Wednesday was Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. Everyone else has been talking about it. Why not me? A hundred days is a pretty arbitrary number, of course. But ever since FDR used it as a marker in 1933 for taking quick action against the Depression, it’s been a convenient hook on which to hang Continue reading →

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I’d been meaning for  several days to write about the Obama administration’s appointment of Charles (Chas) Freeman to the chairmanship of the National Intelligence Council. It was a praiseworthy choice that promised new perspectives on foreign intelligence and international relations… and therefore, unsurprisingly, it was controversial in certain corners. But I hadn’t gotten to it Continue reading →

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Interesting news today: US prepared to accept reconciliation with Taliban The United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Bush administration would be prepared to reconcile with the Taliban if the Afghan government pursued talks to end the war. However, he says there’s no chance of any negotiations with Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda organisation. Continue reading →

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