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The critical reaction to the new movie Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe in the title role, has been decidedly mixed. It averages a mere 45% from critics compiled on, many of whom seem to have been cribbing from the same notes. They complain of the movie’s 140-minute length (apparently Continue reading →

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Side note for my countless loyal fans (well, I haven’t counted ’em, anyway):  today marks the one-year anniversary of my launch of this blog, and this is the 173rd post I’ve published in that time. Total cumulative visits to date are nearing 16,000. Not earth-shaking, but not a bad track record, I hope!… — Anyway. Continue reading →

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Yes, I know that it was broadcast months ago… but I’ve been following BSG on DVD, and the second half of season four was just recently released. I watched it over the last week or so, culminating in the extended, nearly three-hour version of the finale just a couple of nights ago. I discovered my Continue reading →

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My reaction to the new Star Trek movie led me to ask myself this unavoidable question. Yes, it’s certainly received a warm response—96% on the Tomatometer (which is phenomenal, even allowing that they inevitably mis-count some reviews like, e.g., the negative J.R. Jones piece I linked the other day) and a $76 million weekend box office—but Continue reading →

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Short version of my previous post:  I really didn’t like the movie. To me, it not only doesn’t work as Star Trek, it just doesn’t work as a movie, period. It has Big Stupid Summer Action Blockbuster in its very cinematic DNA.  Lots of fans seem to be embracing it, though. Ironically, I could do Continue reading →

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Tonight was the opening of the new Star Trek movie. With IMAX tickets booked well in advance, my girlfriend and I and some friends went out for dinner and conversation, then joined an enthusiastic audience for the long-awaited and much-publicized film. It was a lovely spring evening, and overall we had a good time. I Continue reading →

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While it’s not a film that was really crying out to be made, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is at least a better picture than was 2006’s muddled and disappointing X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Hugh Jackman returns to his breakout role with evident sincerity, bringing every bit of actorly dedication the story and the character can Continue reading →

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Joss Whedon’s new TV series Dollhouse got off to an uneven start, as I wrote shortly after the premiere. The show’s quixotic concept seemed promising but underdeveloped, and the Fox network had reportedly interfered with the show creatively. The first few episodes seemed like a very slow build, focusing on the kind of “engagement of the Continue reading →

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In my personal opinion, naturally. YMMV. If this were in any way authoritative, it would have been carved in stone by a finger of flame. But I have been pondering, of late, the sort of things I like to read and watch, and I find myself mulling over some commonalities. There seem to be four Continue reading →

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Reviews of the movie Watchmen have been mixed: 65% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, for instance, and 56% positive on Metacritic. That’s not as uniformly negative as the secondhand buzz might indicate, but this is perhaps because the most prominent “establishment media” reviews have leaned toward the negative side:  e.g., Anthony Lane’s in The New Yorker, Continue reading →

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