Hi. I’m Chris Miller, a nonprofit manager and attorney (nonpracticing) who enjoys living in Chicago, Illinois, one of the world’s great cities. I’m also a political junkie, inveterate hobbyist, occasional writer, and basically an all-around intellectual geek. I started this blog on September 13, 2008, laboring under the willful delusion that people might be interested in what I have to say. Comments on my posts are enthusiastically encouraged. You can also contact me directly for stimulating discourse (or grouchy invective, depending) by e-mail via this handy JavaScript link which (theoretically) deters spambots.

3 Responses to “About”
  1. JAMES says:

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  2. jay says:

    Hi Chris,

    I tried emailing this to you, off blog…but the message bounced, saying your email was full. So, I’m posting it here, instead.

    While I’d prefer that you delete this comment after you have read it, ultimately, I don’t have any problem with it remaining, if you see any value in keeping it here.


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the thoughts on allowing my blog to mature. I’m hoping that’s the case, but worry a little, in that the blog
    has actually been out there for a couple of years, in the “getting ready” mode.

    That’s what kind of worries me, in that it isn’t really a new site, per se.

    However…it also wasn’t getting much attention from me, and the content was pretty static, too, so maybe Google ignored it, just like I did.

    One thing I’ve also been pondering, is how to make sure that my blog gets indexed across Google Web, in addition to
    Google Blog. (Heck…I really don’t care, all that much, if the blog side even picks me up…it’s the Web side that matters
    to me.)

    My one concern, in that regard, is that what I have IS a blog, and, as opposed to having put my blog into a blog folder on a website, architecturally speaking…that it may well only get indexed by Google Blog.

    I do take heart in noting that your site also appears to be set up solely as a blog, and is not part of your main website,
    with the blog architecture being housed in a blog subdomain on your main website. (I think I said that right.)

    And, if true, I do note–most happily–that your blog posts ARE being indexed on Google Web…which bodes well for me,
    too…especially in that we both use Mandigo.

    So, the question is, do I have that right? Is your blog a standalone entity, and not part of a larger website of yours?

    Jay in Madison

  3. Delusion? After the Newsarama linkage to your blog, I’d say “delusion no more”.

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