bn-superman-1-001The main Blackest Night series got off to a good start, as I’ve written, and I continue to enjoy it. The story slowed its pace a bit in the second issue, but it’s still compelling and suspenseful, shocking and poignant. The best “event” comic in years, frankly. (It’s clearly leading up to the return of Nekron, the villain from the 1981 Tales of the Green Lantern Corps mini-series… but hey, that’s fine by me! That’s a classic story, still a personal favorite.)

Moreover (unlike many comics crossovers), BN is very tightly and carefully interwoven with the crossover issues of related series, namely Green Lantern (also by Geoff Johns) and GL Corps (by Peter Tomasi).

However… the “second-tier” crossovers may be another story. For instance, the first issue (of three) of Blackest Night: Superman leaves me scratching my head a bit.

Herewith, some top-of-my-head reactions to the issue (written by Superman scribe James Robinson, drawn by Eddy Barrows):

  • So, the former President of the United States (Pete Ross) is managing a general store in Smallville, and sweeping his own front walk? Not giving speeches, not serving on boards, not writing his memoirs? No sign of Secret Service protection, either? I know Pete’s a fairly humble guy, but this struck me as absolutely ridiculous.
  • I had assumed  that Clark’s presence on earth in BN #1 meant that BN was occurring after the end of his self-exile in World of New Krypton, but apparently not. A throwaway line in here tells us that Clark’s “just visiting.” He seems kind of casual about it, frankly, compared to his wholehearted dedication to New Krypton in his own titles. Was it so important to get Superman into this “event story” that it merited carving out an exception to the dominant theme of his own current book (which, oddly enough, Robinson co-writes)?
  • Kal-L’s symbol was drawn wrong, on both his tombstone and his costume. Sloppy.
  • I was kind of annoyed to see the zombified Kal-L (and his version of Lois) at all. Surely, if there are any characters at all in the DCU who deserve to be left to rest in peace, it’s them. Don (Dove) Hall was at peace (in BN #2), but they weren’t?
  • Plot so far: bad guy attacks Clark’s loved ones. Seen it a million times. Theme so far:  Clark loves his mother and his protégé, Conner.  Meh.  We already knew that.  Does this story have any real point to it?

I haven’t read the Batman or Titans crossover specials yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something a bit more relevant, though… or at least more engaging.

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6 Responses to “Quick thoughts on Blackest Night: Superman #1”
  1. Nicu says:

    Pretty cool, the series were truly wonderful!

  2. Andrew says:

    Surely DC made a nice comeback with these comics … not quite the blast you would expect, but the few loyal fans were always there.

  3. Ethan says:

    I’m not a huge fan of comic book. But I think besides Superman, Batman or Titans, reading the Marvel is a good option. Other comic book that I can recommend is Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet. Hope I helped.

  4. I suppose not. I certainly don’t want to read Brian Mulroney’s memoirs either! Every time I see a copy of those in a bookstore, I keep saying to myself, “If he didn’t fear the verdict of history, then why did he write the blasted thing?”

  5. Pete can withdraw from political life as much as he wants, I suppose (although it’d be nice to at least see it addressed on-panel), but he should still have Secret Service agents around him. (Especially if people associate him with Luthor’s scandalous regime.)

    If you lived in Smallville, is that the guy whose store you’d want to shop in? (If you lived in Wyoming, would you drop in at Dick Cheney’s Mercantile for dry goods?)

  6. Maybe having to live with being seen as “Luthor’s janitor” so thoroughly soured him on the whole business. Imagine if Nixon had actually been impeached and jailed. Would Ford have been able to endure the infamy that would have followed?

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