In the midst of the cesspool of paranoia and paralogia into which the ranting right is dragging so much of our political discourse these days… the latest iterations thereof being the Fox-driven hypocritical demagoguery about ACORN, and (even worse) the WSJ‘s incredible suggestion that this(!) of all things somehow merits a special prosecutor…

…a reader comment about the latter on John Cole’s blog put it all into perspective in a way that can’t help but provoke a grin, and that definitely merits sharing:

…does anyone else think that its great that Obama can have all these Czars and communists in the same administration without them trying to kill each other? Team of Rivals, Fuck Yeah! The man’s a diplomatic genius. After this, solving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict should be a cakewalk.

Really, what more can be said?

(Except to note happily that neither of my Senators nor my local representative bought into the hysteria by voting against ACORN funding today.)

Addendum: Also on the bright side (although unrelated except in the broadest thematic sense), it’s nice to see that a responsible adult—namely U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land of Georgia—has in no uncertain terms tossed out a frivolous lawsuit from the xenophobic “birther” movement seeking to delegitimize Obama, writing…

Plaintiff… has presented no credible evidence and has made no reliable factual allegations to support her unsubstantiated, conclusory allegations and conjecture that President Obama is ineligible to serve as President of the United States. Instead, she uses her Complaint as a platform for spouting political rhetoric, such as her claims that the President is “an illegal usurper, an unlawful pretender, [and] an unqualified imposter.”

…and moreover the judge threatened attorney and self-appointed birther figurehead Orly Taitz with professional sanction should she bring any additional similar suits. Moreover, a fellow attorney has now filed a formal ethics complaint against Taitz.

It’s tempting to just ignore crazy people and hope they’ll go away. But really, the rest of us need to take a stand a bit more often.

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5 Responses to “Laugh so you don’t weep (at the wingnut insanity)”
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  4. I’d be perfectly happy to see the Dems splinter, if and only if it happens after the GOP is reduced to a marginal fringe and/or some serious electoral reform laws (e.g., IRV) somehow get passed. Because otherwise, the default alternative for the conservaDems would be to switch to the GOP side, thus granting unearned and undeserved power to the deranged faction thereof. One of the problems of a two-party system…

  5. Vamberfield says:

    The entirety of the political debate in this country really does happen on the Democratic side of the aisle. The Republican party represents the pants on head crazy elements who have no interest in actual discussion. The Democrats have both progressive and conservative (i.e. corporate) who can and do disagree all the time. I think a split between the Democrats into two different parties could happen in the near future. This doesn’t have to be a problem, but it often happens that the progressives find themselves arguing not with just the “Blue Dogs” but also the deranged 25% the Republicans represent. Very frustrating.

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