Finally. After six months of tedious delay, Al Franken will be sworn in to the U.S. Senate seat once held by Paul Wellstone. The fact that he beat incumbent Norm Coleman (albeit by the slenderest of margins, roughly 0.01%) was confirmed unanimously by the Minnesota Supreme Court, Coleman finally conceded the inevitable, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed the election certificate. Hooray!

Thus the Senate Democratic Caucus will finally have the magic 60-vote margin necessary to defeat obstructionist filibuster attempts by the GOP minority. It’s the highest number of Democratic seats since 1981.

Which leaves one obvious question…

What excuse(s) will majority “leader” Harry Reid use now to explain knuckling under to obstructionists?

Obviously the notion of advancing a semi-decent progressive agenda isn’t in his playbook, but it’s going to be even harder than before to wave away his failure to do so.

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One Response to “Franken heads to the Senate!”
  1. Actually, I assume this means our Very Serious Beltway Media will shrug its collective shoulders and pontificate on how—because despite the ruling, not everyone in Minnesota agrees on it—The Supreme Court should now be required to hear the matter…

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