Well, I did it! If anyone happened to encounter difficulty reading the blog between about 11:30 PM and 2:30 AM (CST) last night, it’s because I was busy upgrading the back end to the newly released WordPress 2.7. (Ideally I’d have liked to have some sort of “Under Maintenance” screen in place for visitors; I do in fact have the Maintenance Mode plugin, but as the upgrade process involves deactivating all plugins anyway, it wouldn’t really have done much good.)

This was the first time I had to walk through the WordPress installation process “by hand,” and hopefully the last.  First of all, I had to update my theme in order to get a version compatible with 2.7… and since I’d made some manual changes to the PHP code in one of the template files in the old version (in order to get the little “post info” box at the bottom of each post just like I wanted it), I had to redo that manually. Fortunately, I knew the problem was coming, so it didn’t amount to much more than saving a copy of the relevant code and then copy-and-pasting it back in place in the new files.

After that, backing up my old database and files actually wasn’t too much of a hassle; phpMyAdmin got me through the former, and the FTP program CyberDuck did a quick and serviceable job on the latter. However… after I’d deleted the outdated files from my host server as directed, I discovered that for reasons beyond my ken, when it came to uploading the new ones, CyberDuck works at an absolutely glacial pace. (I do not recommend it.)

And that’s why the downtime was longer than I’d anticipated; I hope no one was inconvenienced. Long story short, I finally threw in the towel on the duck, fell back on Dreamweaver, and figured out how to use it to upload files that aren’t actually part of a web site per se. It did the job quickly and efficiently. With that accomplished, all it took was one more click and I was up and running again.

Of course, most of my plugins are not yet approved as compatible with 2.7, so then I had to turn them back on one at a time to make sure nothing broke. (If anything looked odd in the wee hours of the morning, especially in the sidebar, that’s the reason). As it turned out, there were no problems… and I even added a couple of new ones to the mix.

Finally, I set about tweaking a few of my options, and customizing the layout (!) of the new Dashboard and Post Editing page to suit my habits and preferences. I have to say, I like this new interface right off the bat. It’s far more organized and adaptable, and (so far as I can detect at this point) more stable as well. You probably won’t notice much that’s different on the front end (although if anything seems out of whack, please let me know!), but if the change makes it quicker and easier for me to get new content posted, it will have been well worth the effort.

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  1. Harris says:

    Nice and simple, I like it! Thanks!

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