This weekend marks three months since I launched this blog… 91 days, and this is my 84th post. So if I’m not quite averaging a post a day, it’s pretty darn close. Starting it was really just a shot in the dark, but I seem to be making a go of it.

(That’s not quite the volume some notable bloggers manage, of course, but hey, nobody’s paying me to do this. (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?…))

Coming up with things to write about hasn’t been nearly the challenge I’d imagined it might be. Indeed, I have a growing list of topics for future posts, almost certainly more than I have the time or energy actually to write. I’m not the sort of blogger who just dashes off a line or two with a link to something interesting—I like to invest a little more time and thought into what I write. Despite that, I’ve noticed that the of-the-moment character of blogging tends to mitigate against writing about big-picture concepts, in favor of current events or breaking news. There are things I’ve wanted to write about since the start on which I’ve barely scratched the surface. Still, along the way I’ve posted some entries of which I think I can be genuinely proud.

Generating traffic is a constant challenge, far more than generating content. I never wanted this to be something read only by me and my mom. (Actually not even my mom:  she’s a bit of a computerphobe. My dad did print out an entry once for her to read, though. …Yeah, I know.)

According to my WordPress Stats plugin, I’m making slow but detectable progress on that front. I don’t have crowds breaking down my virtual door, but there’s a reliable readership. I’m averaging about 63 views per day over the last three months, and the trend is upward. Interestingly enough, while I’ve written more about politics than any other single subject (unsurprising, given the election season), it’s the entries about comic books that consistently draw larger readership. (The exception proves the rule: my single most-read post by far was the one about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, but that’s largely because I was lucky enough to get an early trackback link in on a blog at The Atlantic‘s site, and some of its plentiful readership drifted my way… to the tune of seven times my next-most-popular entry. After that, though, all the most popular single posts, the ones that get triple-digit readership, are comics-related.) I suspect this may be because there’s a much smaller “universe” of comics fans online, relatively speaking, and thus more people willing to link to me… whereas everybody and his brother is writing about politics these days, so it’s harder to stand out from the crowd.

I definitely have interesting ideas for upcoming posts in both categories, though (and others as well), so whatever your preferences, no need to fear.

Writing on a daily basis has made bigger demands on my time, energy, and imagination than I’d expected at the outset, but I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve had ot push myself beyond some prior boundaries, and it’s satisfying to discover that I could do it… and that people would take an interest in reading it. I think I’ll stick with it for a while. 😉

(And if a few more of you out there were to feel inclined to post some comments along the way… hey, that would be nice too!)

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