I vaguely remember, from my childhood, the news stories about the murder of George Moscone and Harvey Milk. I never really knew nor understood the backstory, though, that made the event so significant.

Gus Van Sant’s Milk, with Sean Penn in the title role, is a wonderful film, the best I’ve seen in months. It fills in that information gap, and inspires as it does so.

It reminds us that we’re all in this together, that gay rights are human rights. And it’s a very human story, in the most authentic sense. It doesn’t succumb to the light skimming over the surface of events that afflicts so many biopics; we feel what drives these characters.

All the little details ring true, with a vivid sense of how much has changed in our culture in 30 years, and how much remains the same. And it doesn’t recite its message with a heavy hand; instead it shows us:  none of us is perfect, but we all deserve the chance to be who we are, to make the most of our potential in life.

Anyone who cannot relate to this film, and the man at the center of it, has a heart of stone. See it.

One Response to “Milk: Academy Awards all around?”
  1. Andrew says:

    It was certainly worth seeing, very touching indeed.

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