Get out there and vote. Take your kids if you have them; help them understand what this is all about. If you’ve already voted, pollwatch. Volunteer. Do your bit, one way or another. Let’s make sure that everyone gets to cast a vote, and that every vote counts.

But whatever you do, don’t worry. It’s not about winning the game at this point, not any more—it’s about running up the score. It’s about rejecting 30+ years of wrongheaded right-wing politics as forcefully as possible, and reclaiming America for the reality-based community.

(And remember, it’s not just about the top of the ticket. I spent over an hour last night researching my downticket votes, including things like Recorder of Deeds and 70-odd “judicial retention” candidates. These things matter.)

And if for any reason you’re still inclined toward anxiety, just keep the big picture in mind…

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3 Responses to “Today’s the day”
  1. michael says:

    America lives. After all.

  2. phil from new york says:

    I’m chilling, I’m chilling.

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