For a long time now, the words “Grant Park” had only negative political associations. They evoked 1968, police attacking protesters, civil society crumbling before our eyes.

After 40 years, Tuesday’s election finally relegated that to the back burner. Grant Park in 2008 was about the culmination of a political process that brought people together, and the beginning of an effort to rebuild our tattered social compact.

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of photos by now, but (after the first couple, at least) these are mine. It was remarkable to be there, and I wanted to share.

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3 Responses to “Photos from Grant Park”
  1. Hi, Mike! Good to hear from you–thanks for checking out my blog. (And thanks for doing your bit in Pennsylvania! Myself, I did a bit of canvassing in Indiana a while back. What approach did you find most persuasive for people?)

    Sorry it took a little while for your comments to show up, BTW–for some reason my spam filter (Akismet) had flagged them as spam. It’s usually more perceptive than that…

  2. Mike Norton says:

    Quite the night.

    A campaign I was proud to play my very small part in here in Pennsylvania, convincing several people who otherwise would have gone for McCain over the past six months that Obama was the only sane choice.

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