How could I resist passing this along? 😀

Matt Yglesias: It seems that Barack Obama, like Rachel Maddow and all decent progressives, is a comic book fan. Excellent news for America.

That’s based on the very first item (among many other interesting ones) in the Telegraph piece he links, reporting:

• He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics

We already knew (or suspected) at least the first part of this, of course. Natural choices for someone his age, who probably first noticed comics in the early ’70s. (Perhaps he ought to take a look at Ex Machina, too, an award-winning comic about a professional politician who happens to be a former super-hero.)

At any rate, clearly Barack understands the cardinal life lesson we learn from Peter Parker:  With great power comes great responsibility.

Among other interesting factoids from the Telegraph, we also learn that Obama won a Grammy award, he speaks Spanish, he bench presses 200 pounds, his home-cooking specialty is chili, he uses a Mac (naturally!), and one of his favorite films (I really do love this guy’s taste) is Casablanca.

(I wasn’t previously aware that Maddow read comics, either, but apparently it’s true, which just makes her even cooler than she already obviously was.)

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2 Responses to “Obama and comics: well, of course!”
  1. Andrew says:

    Yeah … who would have thought, Obama and comics …

  2. Let this be a cause for good cheer at the CBLDF!

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