What?  No, not like that!  Ick.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

What this is about is her polling numbers. In the past week, to put it succinctly, they have tanked. On September 11, people viewed her “favorably” 17% more often than “unfavorably”; by September 17, that spread had reversed to 1% less favorable than unfavorable. That’s quite a swing.

It’s interesting to observe that September 11 was the day her interview with Charlie Gibson aired, the first opportunity the public had really had to see how she handles herself off-script. (“Bush Doctrine? What’s that?”) The McCain campaign doesn’t seem inclined to let her do that any more. Indeed, they’re even dispatching their own people to speak for her and take over the spin about the investigation of her “troopergate” scandal. (And didn’t that label already get used during the Clinton years, BTW? Are we reduced to recycling -gate based scandal names now?)

Just for fun, here’s a chart of the drop. (Notice that McCain’s own favorable/unfavorable numbers aren’t doing too great either!)

Palin's poll numbers


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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s spread”
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  2. Michael says:

    So, the shine is coming off Palin? Why isn’t this benefitting Obama? How on Earth did he manage to blow the incomparable opportunity he received this week to take a commanding lead over McPalin? The Democrats’ campaign incompetence is absolutely staggering.

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